With Stitch, you can consolidate data from a variety of databases, SaaS apps, and services into destinations.

Destination and integration compatibility

Some integrations may be partially or fully incompatible with some of the destinations offered by Stitch. For example: some destinations don’t support storing multiple data types in the same column. If a SaaS integration sends over a column with mixed data types, some destinations may reject the data.

To see if the integrations you’re using are compatible with your destination, check out the Destination and Integration Compatibility Guide.

All Stitch integrations

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the list below, check out the Singer project. A simple, composable, open-source ETL standard, Singer allows you to extract data from any source. Check out the GitHub repo to see what’s currently being worked on.

Additionally, Stitch’s Import API or Incoming Webhooks integrations can be used to extract data from sources that don’t currently have a native integration.