Want to know where your data is in the replication process? The Replication Stats on the Integration Details page for every integration - which will display only after the initial sync has completed - can help you determine where your data is and check up on recently loaded data.

Integration Replication Stats

Note: These stats are not real-time and will update every few minutes. You’ll need to refresh the page if you’re eager to watch your data move through Stitch.

Stitch’s Replication Process

Each part of the Stitch replication process has its own section and stats. The Stitch replication process consists of three steps:

  • Extract
  • Prepare
  • Load

Every integration you connect to Stitch will have these stats on its Integration Details page, which you can access by clicking into the integration from the Stitch Dashboard.


The Extracted section displays details about the extraction part of the replication process.

  • Last Sync Started - This is the time the last replication job began.
  • Last Sync Completed - This is the time the last replication job successfully completed.
  • Sync Status - This is the status of the replication job. Note If the integration is Paused or Not Configured, a status of Not Syncing will display here.

    Additionally, there may be times where an integration is in an error state (ex: connection trouble) and still display an In Progress status. This means that Stitch is attempting to extract data despite the issue causing the error.

  • Next Sync - This is the estimated time of the next replication job. This estimate is based on the integration’s Replication Frequency and the completion time of the last replication job.

Extracted Stats for Import API & Webhook Integrations

For IAPI and webhook connections, the Extracted section will look a little different:

  • For Import API connections, this section will display the last time data was successfully received by Stitch with a Last Rows Received stat.
  • For webhook connections, Extraction stats aren’t available due to the real-time nature of webhooks. In this case, Never will display alongside Last Rows Received.

Extraction Logs

The Extraction Logs tab - located next to the Tables to Replicate tab after clicking into the integration - provides additional detail about the extraction portion of the replication process for a given integration. For example, the logs include info about:

  • Current and updated Replication Key values for tables
  • Detail about the tables set to replicate
  • Errors that occurred during the extraction

Note: Extraction logs are only available for integrations powered by Singer taps. As integrations are converted to the Singer system, extraction logs will be made available.

Read more about extraction logs here.


The Preparing section shows the total number of rows and tables Stitch is currently preparing to load into your data warehouse for the integration you’re viewing.

The Rows to be Loaded stat is the total sum of rows across all tables currently in preparation (Tables to be Loaded).


The Loaded section shows the total number of rows published (Rows Loaded Today) to your data warehouse since midnight UTC of the current day.

In addition, the name of the last table Stitch loaded into your data warehouse is listed here. The Last Table Loaded stat isn’t limited to the current day the way Rows Loaded Today is, however.

For example: if the integration encountered an issue that prevented successful replication for a day or two, the name of the table displayed here may be several days old.

If your data hasn’t shown up after a reasonable amount of time, reach out to support.

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