When Stitch replicates your data, it’ll load it into the destination - or data warehouse - of your choosing. A data warehouse is a central repository of integrated data from disparate sources.

It’s important to note that Stitch itself is not a data warehouse. Stitch is a data pipeline (or ETL tool) that enables you to replicate data from various sources and consolidate it into a single location. A destination is required to use Stitch.

Compare destinations

If you’re new to data warehousing or want to see how Stitch’s destination offerings compare to each other, look no further.

The Choosing a Destination guide can help you choose the best Stitch destination for your data warehousing needs, from ensuring your data sources are compatible to staying within your budget.

In addition, the Data Strategy Guide is a great place to start if you want some guidance on analytical versus transactional databases.

Supported destinations

Data will not begin replicating until you’ve successfully connected a destination and at least one integration.

Change destinations

Sometimes, you may want to replicate data to a different location than what you initially connected to Stitch. Whether you’re simply switching to a new database or trying a different destination entirely, you can easily change your destination in Stitch.

Suggest a destination

Don’t see your destination of choice listed here? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to us with your suggestion.