Stitch gives you the ability to consolidate and optimize your data, but if you want to do some exploring, you’ll need an additional visualization or middle ware tool.

Using Stitch with analysis tools

Whether you want to create visual analyses or run SQL queries, Stitch is compatible with a broad range of tools - from business intelligence platforms to SQL editors to data science tools.

Analytics tools

Stitch consolidates your data for use in the best-in-class tools for business intelligence and visualization. These tools will enable you to take a deep-dive into your data and visualize the results.


On the Stitch blog, we walk you through how to use your Stitch data with each of the following tools:

Additional analytics tools

Stitch customers also enjoy these options:

Destination compatibility

When picking an analysis tool, you may want to investigate whether the tool supports a native connection to your Stitch destination. We’ve investigated some popular options for you:

Amazon S3 Google
Amazon Quicksight Supported Supported Supported
Google Data Studio Supported Supported
Grafana Via plugin Supported
Looker Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Metabase Supported Supported Supported Supported
PowerBI Supported Via REST API Supported Supported Supported Supported
Qlik Supported Supported Supported
Sisense Supported Via Amazon Athena Supported Supported Supported Supported
Tableau Supported Via Amazon Athena Supported Supported Supported Supported

SQL editors

If you want to directly query your data, you’ll need a SQL editor to connect to your data warehouse.

In addition to allowing you to use SQL to analyze your data, a SQL editor is an incredibly valuable asset when diagnosing a data discrepancy. As we’ll ask you to submit the results of several SQL queries to us to help troubleshoot the discrepancy, we recommend finding one you like. We happen to like Postico here at Stitch.

Name Pricing Web app OS
Aginity Workbench for Redshift Free & Proprietary Windows
Aqua Data Studio Proprietary Windows, OS X
DBeaver Open Source Windows, OS X
DataGrip Proprietary Windows, OS X
JackDB Proprietary Windows, OS X
Navicat Proprietary Windows, OS X
Postico Free & Proprietary OS X
RazorSQL Proprietary Windows, OS X
SQL Workbench Free Windows, OS X
SQuirreL Open Source Windows, OS X
SeekWell Free & Proprietary Windows, OS X

Data science

Want to use your data for something other than creating charts or queries? From machine learning to statistical modeling, this list of data science clients will get you started.

Name Pricing Web app OS
Amazon Machine Learning Proprietary Windows, OS X
Dato Free & Proprietary Windows, OS X
Julia Open Source Windows, OS X
Jupyter Open Source Windows, OS X
MATLAB Proprietary Windows, OS X
R Open Source Windows, OS X
Scala Open Source Windows, OS X