Identify your version

To identify the version of the MongoDB integration you're using:

  1. Sign into your Stitch account.
  2. On the Stitch Dashboard, click the MongoDB integration you want to check.
  3. Click the Extraction Logs tab:
    • If you see a list of extraction logs, the integration's version is v1.0.
    • If you see No logs available for this integration yet., the integration's version is v11-01-2016.

MongoDB version history

In this section:

  • Overview - All versions for Stitch's MongoDB integration, including release and deprecation dates.
  • Changelog - Details about updates to Stitch's MongoDB integration, including new/deprecated versions, schema changes, new data availability, etc.
Version Release date Deprecation date
version 1.0 (latest) TBD n/a
version 11-01-2016 January 11, 2016 To be determined
Date Version Release notes
TBD 1.0

New integration version (1.0)

Version 1.0 of Singer's MongoDB tap, which backs Stitch's MongoDB integration, has been released.

Highlights include:

MongoDB version features

In this section:

MongoDB supported features

version 1.0
version 11-01-2016
SSH Connections Supported Supported
SSL Connections Supported Supported
Anchor Scheduling Supported Unsupported
Advanced Scheduling Supported Unsupported
Table-level Reset Supported Unsupported
Configurable Replication Methods Supported Unsupported
Log-based Replication Supported Unsupported
Key-based Replication Supported Supported
Full Table Replication Supported Unsupported
Table Selection Supported Supported
Column Selection Supported Unsupported
View Replication Unsupported Unsupported
Extraction Logs Supported Unsupported
Loading Reports Supported Supported

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