To ensure you’re viewing the documentation for the correct version of your integration, you should first check its version in Stitch.

  1. Sign into your Stitch account.
  2. On the Stitch Dashboard page, click the integration you want to check.
  3. Click the Extraction Logs tab:
    • If you see No logs available for this integration yet., the version of the integration doesn’t support the Extraction Logs feature. Refer to the Legacy integration versions section below for more info.
    • If you see a list of Extraction Logs:

      Open the most recent set of logs and look at the first line:

      Integration version information highlighted in an integration's extraction logs

      The string following tap-<name> version is the version of the integration you’re using. In this example, that’s 1.0.8, which corresponds to v1.

      Note: Only major version identifiers are reflected in integration documentation, i.e. 1 versus 1.0.8.

Legacy integration versions

The integrations in the table below only have a single running version, which is listed in the table. When and if these integrations are converted to Singer taps, they will support Extraction Logs and you’ll be able to identify their version using the method above.

Integration Version Release date
Desk v15-10-2015 October 15, 2015
Google ECommerce v15-10-2015 October 15, 2015

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