This guide serves as a reference for API availability for Stitch’s destinations and sources.

Destination API availability

In the table below:

  • Destination name: The name of the destination and a link to its setup guide.
  • API availability: Indicates if the destination is available via the API. indicates that the destination is supported; indicates the destination isn’t supported.
  • API connection property: If the destination is supported, this column will contain the name of the destination’s corresponding API destination connection property. Use this info to create the destination using the Create a destination endpoint.
Destination name API availability API connection property
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Available postgres
Amazon PostgreSQL RDS Available postgres
Amazon Redshift Available redshift
Amazon S3 Available s3 Not available
Databricks Delta Lake Available databricks_delta
Google BigQuery Available bigquery_v2
Google CloudSQL PostgreSQL Available postgres
Heroku Available postgres
Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Available azure_sqldw
Panoply Available panoply
PostgreSQL Available postgres
Snowflake Available snowflake

Source API availability

In the table below:

  • Source name: The name of the source and a link to its setup guide.
  • API availability: Indicates if the source is available via the API. indicates that the source is supported; indicates the source isn’t supported.
  • API connection property: If the source is supported, this column will contain the name of the source’s corresponding API source connection property. Use this info to create the source using the Create a source endpoint.
Source name API availability API connection property
Not available
3PL Central Available platform.3plcentral
AdRoll Available platform.adroll
Amazon Aurora MySQL RDS Available platform.aurora
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL RDS Available platform.postgres
Amazon DynamoDB Available platform.dynamodb
Amazon Microsoft SQL Server RDS Available platform.mssql
Amazon MySQL RDS Available platform.mysql
Amazon Oracle RDS Available
Amazon PostgreSQL RDS Available platform.postgres
Amazon S3 CSV Available platform.s3-csv
Amplitude Available platform.amplitude
AppsFlyer Available platform.appsflyer
Asana Available platform.asana
Autopilot Available platform.autopilot
BigCommerce Available platform.bigcommerce
Braintree Available platform.braintree
Bronto Available platform.bronto
COVID-19 Public Data Available platform.covid-19
Campaign Manager Available platform.doubleclick-campaign-manager
Campaign Monitor Available platform.campaign-monitor
Chargebee Available platform.chargebee
Chargify Available platform.chargify Available platform.closeio
Club Speed Available platform.clubspeed
Codat Available platform.codat
Darksky Available platform.darksky
Deputy Available platform.deputy
Desk Not available
Eloqua Available platform.eloqua
Facebook Ads Available platform.facebook
Freshdesk Available platform.freshdesk
Front Available platform.frontapp
FullStory Available platform.fullstory
GitHub Available platform.github
GitLab Available platform.gitlab
Google Ads Available platform.adwords
Google Analytics Available
Google Analytics (AdWords) Not available
Google Analytics 360 Available platform.ga360
Google CloudSQL MySQL Available platform.cloudsql
Google CloudSQL PostgreSQL Available platform.cloudsql_pg
Google ECommerce Not available
Google Search Console Available
Google Sheets Available
Harvest Available platform.harvest
Harvest Forecast Available platform.harvest-forecast
Heap Available platform.heap
Help Scout Available platform.helpscout
Heroku Available platform.heroku_pg
HubSpot Available platform.hubspot
Impact Available platform.impact
Intacct Available platform.intacct
Intercom Available platform.intercom
Invoiced Available platform.invoiced
JIRA Available platform.jira
Klaviyo Available platform.klaviyo
Kustomer Available platform.kustomer
Lever Available platform.lever
LinkedIn Ads Available platform.linkedin-ads
Listrak Available platform.listrak
LivePerson Available platform.liveperson
LookML Available platform.lookml
Looker Available platform.looker
Magento Available platform.mysql
MailChimp Available platform.mailchimp
Mailshake Available platform.mailshake
Mambu Not available
MariaDB Available platform.mariadb
Marketo Available platform.marketobulk
Microsoft Advertising Available
Microsoft Azure MySQL Available platform.mysql
Microsoft Azure SQL Database Available platform.mssql
Microsoft SQL Server Available platform.mssql
Microsoft Teams Available
Mixpanel Available platform.mixpanel
MongoDB Available platform.mongodb
MongoDB Atlas Available platform.mongodb
MySQL Available platform.mysql
MySQL Available platform.hp-mysql
NetSuite Available platform.netsuite
NetSuite Suite Analytics Available platform.netsuite-suite-analytics
Onfleet Available platform.onfleet
Oracle Available
Outbrain Available platform.outbrain
Outreach Available platform.outreach
Pardot Available platform.pardot
Pendo Available platform.pendo
Pepperjam Available platform.pepperjam
Pipedrive Available platform.pipedrive
PostgreSQL Available platform.postgres
PostgreSQL Available platform.hp-postgres
Quick Base Available platform.quickbase
QuickBooks Available platform.quickbooks
ReCharge Available platform.recharge
Recurly Available platform.recurly
Referral SaaSquatch Available platform.referral-saasquatch
Responsys Available platform.responsys
Revinate Available platform.revinate
RingCentral Available platform.ringcentral
SFTP Available platform.sftp
SaaSOptics Available platform.saasoptics
Salesforce Available platform.salesforce
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Available platform.exacttarget
Selligent Available platform.selligent
SendGrid Core Available platform.sendgrid
ShipHero Available platform.shiphero
Shippo Available platform.shippo
Shopify Available platform.shopify
Slack Available platform.slack
Square Available platform.square
Stripe Available platform.stripe
SurveyMonkey Available platform.surveymonkey
Taboola Available platform.taboola
Toggl Available platform.toggl
Trello Available platform.trello
Twitter Ads Available platform.twitter-ads
Typeform Available platform.typeform
UJET Available platform.ujet
Urban Airship Available platform.urban-airship
UserVoice Available platform.uservoice
Wootric Not available
Workday RaaS Available platform.workday-raas
Xero Available platform.xero
Yotpo Available platform.yotpo
Zendesk Chat Not available
Zendesk Support Available platform.zendesk
Zoom Available platform.zoom
Zuora Available platform.zuora
eBay Available platform.ebay
iLEVEL Available platform.ilevel