Stitch cannot detect any objects (databases, tables, etc.) at or below this level.

If you receive this message or you can’t find an object (database, table, column, etc.), it’s typically a permissions issue.

Database Integrations

Verify that the Stitch user has all the required permissions as outlined in the Setup instructions for the database. Docs for database integrations can be found here.

SaaS Integrations

Some SaaS integrations - like Salesforce and Facebook Ads - allow specific permissions to be granted to users. Stitch will only be able to detect and replicate the objects that the user who authorized (created) the integration in Stitch can access.

Verify the authorizing user’s permissions. If the user’s permissions can’t be changed, a different person with the correct permissions may have to re-authorize the integration. Docs for SaaS integrations can be found here.

Contacting Support

If you verify that all the correct permissions are in place and you still encounter issues, please reach out to support.

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