Step 1: Create a Panoply account

  1. Sign into your Stitch account.
  2. Click the Destination tab.
  3. Click the icon.
  4. A page explaining what’s included in a Panoply account will display. Click the Create an Account button.
  5. Click the Create My Account button when a pop-up explaining the use of your email address displays.

Step 2: Wrap up and save your Panoply credentials

It may take a few minutes, but after your Panoply destination is successfully created, the Panoply connection info will display in Stitch:

Panoply connection information.

Make sure to copy your password as Stitch won’t display it again.

After you’ve copied your password, click the View Your Dashboard button to wrap things up.

The Panoply destination connection settings will automatically populate in the Destination Settings page. If you need to update the settings at any point, click the Destination tab.

Next steps

After the account is created, you can manage your Panoply settings by signing into Panoply.

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