• Admin permissions in Panoply.

Step 1: Locate the connection details in Panoply

  1. Sign into your Panoply account.
  2. In the left panel menu, click Connect.
  3. The database connection info - the host, port, database name, and username - will display.

Leave this page open - you’ll need it in the next step.

Step 2: Connect Stitch

To complete the setup, you need to enter your Panoply connection details into the Destination Settings page in Stitch.

  1. If you aren’t signed into your Stitch account, sign in now.
  2. Click the Destination tab.
  3. Click the Panoply icon.
  4. Fill in the fields as follows:

    • Host (Endpoint): Enter the host address (endpoint) used by the Panoply instance.

    • Port: Enter the port used by the Panoply instance. The default is 5439.

    • Username: Enter the username of the database user you want to use to connect Panoply to Stitch.

    • Password: Enter the password of the database user you want to use to connect Panoply to Stitch.

    • Database: Enter the name of the database in your Panoply data warehouse you want to connect to Stitch.

When finished, click Update Panoply Settings.

Stitch will perform a connection test to the Panoply database; if successful, a Success! mesage will display at the top of the screen. Note: This test may take a few minutes to complete.

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