The errors in this guide are specific to Intercom integrations. Refer to the Common SaaS extraction error reference for errors common to all SaaS integrations.

These errors will surface in the integration’s Extraction Logs.

Multiple connections syncing Companies

Another integration is syncing Companies via the Scroll API. This will cause one to fail while the other succeeds
Applicable to

Intercom v1 integrations

Level Critical


Potential cause(s)

Intercom’s API limits the number of simultaneous requests a single Intercom app, or connection, can make to the Scroll over all companies endpoint. Stitch uses this endpoint to replicate the companies table. Currently, only one request can occur at a time.

If multiple connections exist and they attempt to use this endpoint at the same time, only the connection who made the request first will succeed.

This means that if Stitch attempts to extract data when another connection is using the endpoint, Extraction will fail and this error will surface in the Extraction Logs.

Suggested action(s)

To prevent or minimize this issue, we recommend limiting the number of connections a single workspace has or scheduling extraction jobs in Stitch around your other connections’ usage.

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