Encountering errors when trying to enter your payment info into Stitch? Before you contact support, we recommend seeing if these simple fixes resolve the issue.

Verify Your Full Name is in Stitch

By design, Stitch is supposed to prevent accounts that don’t contain a last name from being created. On occasion, however, one will slip through.

If you’re having trouble getting Stitch to process your payment, it may be because only your first name is entered on your User profile. You can verify this in the Your Profile page.

  1. Click User menu (your icon) > Manage Account Settings.
  2. Click Your Profile.
  3. If your last name is missing from the Full Name field, enter it.
  4. Click Update Profile.

After you’ve added your last name, try entering your payment method into the Billing page again. Note that it may take a few moments for the changes to take affect, so don’t worry if you see an error immediately after saving.

Questions? Feedback?

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