Moving data to S3

When it comes to moving data to Amazon S3, you have many options. Conventional ETL isn’t your best choice. Writing ETL code requires big investments of time, money, and expertise that your organization might put to better use for innovation. Newer approaches to data ingestion deliver faster implementation than traditional ETL, getting you to a place where you can produce data analytics and business intelligence more quickly.

This is where Stitch can help.

The agile ETL alternative

Stitch delivers a lean alternative to conventional ETL that helps you pipe raw data directly into Amazon S3. Once it’s there, you can use it in a variety of ways — for AI or machine learning, for backup and data archiving, or for data analytics.

Fastest path to Amazon S3

You already have data stored in individual silos on SaaS platforms and internal databases. Now it’s time to consolidate it in a single repository. Amazon S3 provides a data lake against which you can run analytics to get the maximum value from your data, and Stitch provides the fastest path to Amazon S3.

Stitch lets you extract data from more than 90 sources and replicate it to Amazon S3. Our approach is simple, straightforward, and ready to go right out of the box. No need to wait — get your data to Amazon S3 today.

Powered by AWS
Stitch allowed us to set up a data pipeline within a day. The quick turnaround time allowed us to gather insights almost near real time.

Ashok Varma

Founder and CEO, ReportGarden

Why our customers choose Stitch

Stitch is a simple, powerful ETL service built for developers. Stitch connects to your first-party data sources – from databases like MongoDB and MySQL, to SaaS tools like Salesforce and Zendesk – and replicates that data to your warehouse. With Stitch, developers can provision data for their internal users in minutes, not weeks.

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Simple Integrations Icon Simple setup
Start replicating data in minutes, and never worry about ETL maintenance.
Integration Infrastructure Icon Own your own data infrastructure
Stitch replicates to your warehouse, meaning you’re always in control.
Replication Features Icon Mature replication engine
Accurate data from any structure, all the time.
Explore all of Stitch's features

Connect to your ecosystem of data sources

Stitch integrates with leading databases and SaaS products. No API maintenance, ever, while you maintain full control over replication behavior.