“From marketing to sales to finance to creative, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t use the data from Stitch.”

Brad Sayler, Co-founder and CFO

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“Stitch makes it easy for us to get all of our NoSQL data into Redshift. The Stitch API handles bulk and incremental updates of our data with ease.”

Pete Michel, Head Architect

“Stitch is a game changer. It has allowed us to setup and upload our data from multiple data sources into Amazon's Redshift in less than 2 days.”

Wayne Baskin, CTO

“Stitch gets my data where I need it while still giving me control over what gets replicated and when. Now I can focus my efforts on finding insights and building dashboards, not APIs.”

Brian Denneny, Marketing Analytics Manager

“Stitch allowed us to set up a data pipeline within a day. The quick turnaround time allowed us to gather insights almost near real time.”

Ashok Varma, Founder and CEO

“Getting Stitch set up was really easy. Everything has just worked beautifully and magically.”

Khuram Malik, Chief Strategist and Founder

“Inevitably you find every service you rely on will never have 100% integration with each other. Stitch was clutch for tying everything together FINALLY.”

Nick Carson, CEO & Founder

“With Stitch, we were able to get our data streaming to our warehouse in minutes; and it requires zero engineering maintenance.”

Matt Kent, Head of Engineering and Co-Founder

“Stitch allows us to focus on building our analytics infrastructure without worrying about managing the data pipeline. We get to spend less time on gathering data, and more time on hunting insights!”

Jordan Ryan, CTO

“Stitch has played an instrumental role in channelizing our data from various marketing channels into our central warehouse. We find them agile & customer-centric in their approach.”

Saranya Babu, VP, Marketing

“Stitch has saved my team countless hours of dev time, helped us create valuable insight into how we can better serve our customers, and it just works.”

Andy Mockli, Dev Lead

“Powerful and simple data integration, with a great pricing model for startups like us.”

Ilya Kaplun, CTO

“Stitch got the two datasources we wanted in Redshift, plus all of our AdWords & HubSpot data which we didn't even think was possible.”

Jeff Dwyer, Software Engineering Manager

“We can customize and collaborate on our analyses, join across data sources, and produce reports that actually get used. Stitch makes all that possible.”

Chris Hexton, Co-Founder

“With Stitch, we have complete control over our data consolidation process. We’re able to view the schema used by Stitch to sync Netsuite data, and select exactly which tables get synced.”

Saqib Bedi, Product Manager