“Stitch is not only enterprise software, it's a partnership.”

Jeff Dwyer, Software Engineering Manager

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“From marketing to sales to finance to creative, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t use the data from Stitch.”

Brad Sayler, Co-founder and CFO

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“The time to get value using Stitch and BigQuery was incredibly fast; we were set up and querying our data in under a day.”

Logan Volkers, Co-Founder and COO

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“Stitch is responsive, flexible, and fast. It was a no-brainer for us to go with it.”

Abhishek Singh, Business Intelligence Manager

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“The best part of Stitch was that I could set it up and see the benefits on my own. It’s a product that doesn’t need an explanation.”

Ankit Sobti, Co-founder and CTO

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“Stitch makes it easy for us to get all of our NoSQL data into Redshift. The Stitch API handles bulk and incremental updates of our data with ease.”

Pete Michel, Head Architect

“With Stitch, we have complete control over our data consolidation process. We’re able to view the schema used by Stitch to sync Netsuite data, and select exactly which tables get synced.”

Saqib Bedi, Product Manager

“Stitch allowed us to set up a data pipeline within a day. The quick turnaround time allowed us to gather insights almost near real time.”

Ashok Varma, Founder and CEO

“Stitch allows us to focus on building our analytics infrastructure without worrying about managing the data pipeline. We get to spend less time on gathering data, and more time on hunting insights!”

Jordan Ryan, CTO

“We can customize and collaborate on our analyses, join across data sources, and produce reports that actually get used. Stitch makes all that possible.”

Chris Hexton, Co-Founder

“Stitch has fundamentally changed the way we interact with our data. With meaningful insights at our fingertips, we make decisions smarter and faster.”

Daniel Leeb, Chief Product Officer and Founder

“With Stitch we spend more time surfacing valuable insights and less time managing the data pipeline.”

Caitlin Moorman, Insights and Analytics Lead