Stitch for marketing analytics

Understand which campaigns and programs drive ROI by integrating all your marketing data, no matter where it lives

Set up in minutes • Unlimited data volume during trial
Stitch for marketing analyticsStitch for marketing analytics

Get instant insight into marketing performance

Stitch makes it easy to rapidly integrate data from critical marketing platforms, including advertising channels, CRMs, email marketing, and more, into a cloud data warehouse for analysis. Take the guesswork out of your performance metrics, no code or engineering resources required.

Manage your channels, not the data pipeline

Stitch sets up in 10 minutes and syncs with new data automatically, so you start seeing the value from day one. Get marketing data moving so you can focus on acting on insights instead of struggling with your data infrastructure.

Launch better campaigns and close more business

With Stitch you can finally understand which campaigns and programs deliver results. Take that one step further and combine marketing data with other sources to get the full picture of how campaigns propel your business.

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