Automatic scaling

Our high-availability infrastructure takes advantage of industry best practices around scalability and performance. Clients can process billions of records per day and scale their data volumes up or down without worrying about provisioning hardware or managing workloads.

Enterprise SLAs

Stitch Enterprise customers benefit from service-level agreements (SLA) that guarantee uptime, support response time, and data freshness. Contact Sales to learn more about our enterprise SLA offerings.

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You can see our uptime track record on the Stitch Status Page.

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No mysteries. No surprises.

Stitch has comprehensive documentation and a transparent changelog.


We provide rock-solid documentation as a complement to Stitch's intuitive user experience, ensuring you always have access to the resources you need to get the job done. Our comprehensive, open source docs provide all the information you need to research, implement, and maintain your Stitch account.

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All major changes to Stitch are published on the Stitch Changelog, providing customers with full visibility into where and how we’re investing in the platform.

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We're here to help

Our in-house experts are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of Stitch.

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World-class support

Stitch's experienced, responsive support team is available through phone, email, and chat depending on your level of service. We're friendly, knowledgeable, and proactive about resolving issues and reaching out when errors occur. Support SLAs are available for Enterprise customers.

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Account management

We assign a dedicated account manager to all Enterprise accounts. This serves as a direct line to ensure you're getting the most out of Stitch and your entire data stack.

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Implementation assistance

Stitch Enterprise customers receive a custom assessment during onboarding to help make the best and most efficient use of their data pipeline. Stitch experts suggest best practices and ensure that use of Stitch is aligned with your organization's data strategy.

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