Data transformation

Develop and deploy transformations easily

Develop integration jobs and deploy with Talend's robust transformation, collaboration and scheduling capabilities. You can design and perform transformation easily with 900+ connectors and components, including map, aggregate, sort, enrich, join, and many more.

Accelerate time to value from your big data projects

Looking to scale with more complex processing like big data? Talend simplifies and automates big data integration in Cloud with graphical tools and wizards that generate native code. This means your team can start working with Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, Hadoop, and NoSQL databases in the cloud today.

About Talend Data Transformation


Data quality

Trusted data for every integration

Profile, cleanse, and mask your data, while monitoring data quality over time, in any format or size. Create clean data for access, reporting, analytics, and operations with Talend solutions for data de-duplication, validation, and standardization.

Turn big data into smart, trusted assets

With Talend, you can also improve data quality on unstructured data with integrated parsing technology, protect sensitive data with masking, and customize a dictionary of business terms to auto-discover data. Apply data stewardship activities to create trusted information and deliver reliable data to your most valuable data assets with confidence.

About Talend Data Quality

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