Our mission

To inspire and empower data-driven people.

Our vision

To be the conduit through which businesses take back control and ownership of their data.

Our values

These are the principles at the heart of everything we do.

Data wins

We make decisions based on the merits of data and evidence, as opposed to historical practice, relative seniority, or the titles of people involved.

Intellectual honesty

It's about getting to the right answer, not winning arguments or scoring points. If we learn new facts that change our minds, we embrace them.


While there are some things that we need to keep confidential on behalf of our customers and our team, we are biased towards being more transparent with more people sooner.


Beyond the values listed above, we use the phrase “do the right thing,” or DTRT, to remind ourselves to make decisions that we'll be proud of in the long term. Our rule of thumb is that if we wouldn't be comfortable with our actions or words being written about on the front page of the newspaper, then we're not comfortable with it in private either.

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