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There are thousands of SaaS tools and data sources on the market, and most ETL platforms support a few dozen at most. Stitch's extensibility bridges this gap.

Stitch Import API

Push data to Stitch from anywhere, on your own terms.

Singer project

Have Stitch extract data from any source using the Singer open source framework.

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Stitch Import API

A REST API that allows you to push any arbitrary data into your data warehouse using Stitch.

How it works

Data sent to the Import API is processed and sent to your destination through Stitch like data from any other integration.

The Import API accepts JSON or Transit and returns JSON for all of its methods. Each method uses a standard HTTP verb (GET/POST) and standard HTTP response codes for returning statuses. We upsert your data so you never create duplicates by mistake.

Learn more about the Stitch Import API and find sample code in our documentation.

Singer project

Have Stitch extract data from any source using the Singer open source framework.

Explore the docs

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 # Example Request curl -X POST v2/import/validate -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer < access-token >' -d @filename [ { "client_id": 4231, "table_name": "users", "sequence": 100, "action": "upsert" } ]
Stitch makes it easy for us to get all of our NoSQL data into Redshift. The Stitch API handles bulk and incremental updates of our data with ease.

Pete Michel

Head Architect, Guru


Singer framework

Create and collaborate on Stitch integrations with a standard JSON-based format.

How it works

Stitch's source integrations are powered by Singer, an open source standard for ETL that allows data engineers to replicate data from any source to any destination. Stitch runs these Singer integrations — known as taps — in our infrastructure, allowing you to leave the orchestration, security, and reliability of your data pipelines to us.

Getting started

Our Getting Started guide and Slack group make it easy to try Singer for yourself.

Get started with Singer

Stitch-built integrations
As part of an Enterprise contract, Stitch can build and commercially support custom integrations for your team. We'll work with you to establish requirements, ensuring the deliverable is to your exact specifications. Contact Stitch Sales for more information.
Partner-developed integrations
Stitch has a large and growing network of implementation partners, who are experienced at writing and supporting Singer taps and targets.
Do-it-yourself and Community-built integrations
If you're the hands-on type, consider building your own Singer tap. This approach ensures that your data extraction logic functions exactly as you need and intend it to. Community integrations are data sources built and maintained by the Singer community, and commercial support is available for Community integrations as part of an Enterprise plan.

Real-world results

When the ezCater team ran into a data source that Stitch didn't support, they decided to develop their own integration.

By building their own tap, ezCater was able to get the data they needed when they needed it and still leverage Stitch's infrastructure to do the heavy lifting. Additionally, their contribution benefits all Stitch users: AppsFlyer is now available to all Stitch users as a Community integration.

Read the case study

To extract data from AppsFlyer without Singer would have meant writing a script that runs on a schedule, pulls from the API, and pushes to Kinesis. The tap we wrote is just as simple, but because it's built with Singer it can be run inside Stitch, and now we don't have to worry about running it, and we have no ongoing operations costs.

Jon Gherardini

Senior Software Engineer, ezCater


More community integrations

Dozens of integrations are built and maintained by the Singer community, with new ones added every month. Some of the most popular community integrations include:

Explore more community-built integrations and source code on the Singer website.

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