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Advanced features for teams who want even more control and extensibility of their data pipelines.


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For fast growing organizations with the highest data volumes and the need for best-in-class security and compliance.


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* Advanced and Premium plans are billed annually

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Rows5-300 million rows/month100 million rows/month1 billion rows/month
Sources10 (Standard sources)Unlimited (Enterprise sources)Unlimited (Enterprise sources)
Historical Sync7 days7 days7 days
Extraction Log Retention7 days60 days60 days
SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 compliance
Advanced Features
Add-on rows
Add-on destinations
Global Customer Success Manager
HIPAA (signing of BAA)
Advanced Connectivity
Global SupportChat, PortalGoldPlatinum
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Frequently asked questions

How do I access my data?
Some of our clients use a tool to write raw queries against their data warehouse, while others prefer to use a business intelligence platform or visualization tool to interact with their data. We offer suggestions for both methods.
Do you replicate historical data?
Yes, and for most integrations you can configure how far back in history to go. You can replicate an unlimited amount of data during your free trial, which is typically more than enough time to capture all historical data. After your free trial, each new integration you add comes with a 7-day grace period where usage of that integration will not count toward your row limit, allowing you to replicate your historical data at no cost.
Do you offer phone support?
For all Stitch customers, we offer chat and email support during our regional business hours. Phone support and a dedicated Global Customer Success Management (GCSM) may also be available, depending on your Stitch plan. Please consult our sales team for additional information.
How does the free trial work?
We offer a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. During this time you will have access to all plan integrations as well as the ability to sync unlimited rows to your data warehouse. At the end of the 14 days, you can talk to a sales representative about an Advanced or Premium plan.
How will I be billed?
For Stitch Standard, monthly and annual subscriptions are paid via credit card. Additional options are available for Advanced and Premium plan users.
How do I figure out how much Stitch will cost?
Stitch Advanced and Premium plans come with row and destination add-ons, so you can customize your plan and choose features that work for your business. Contact Stitch Sales to get an estimate for Stitch in your business.
Do I have to replicate all of the data from sources that I connect?
For many of our integrations, you can select which data you want to bring into your data warehouse.
How often does my data sync?
You can configure the replication frequency for each integration, from minutes to hours. All Stitch users can also take advantage of advanced scheduling with a cron expression.
How can I get help?
All users have access to online support from our help center, which has detailed information about how to use Stitch. Additionally, we offer chat support for all users, which you can access after you sign in. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible during business hours (8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday).
Can I change my plan?
Yes! Stitch Standard customers can change plans at any time. Users with an annual contract for Stitch Advanced or Premium can upgrade at any time, or change plans at the end of their current subscription term.
What is the Premium plan?
The Premium plan is ideal for mission-critical applications with strict latency and availability requirements, or for use cases that require handling sensitive data. Stitch Premium customers get extra security and platinum support from a dedicated customer service manager.
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