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Stitch is a world-class ETL SaaS solution seamlessly flowing data from multiple data sources to your data warehouse. It’s fast, it’s cost-efficient, it’s hassle-free. Thousands of companies large and small are ingesting billions of rows a day using Stitch.

For organizations with more advanced data needs, we've developed Stitch Enterprise.

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The value-added services that demanding, enterprise-scale clients require

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Notification extensibility

Integrate with external monitoring systems by sending Stitch notifications to services like Datadog, PagerDuty, and Slack.

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Multiple destinations

Whether you’re supporting multiple environments, doing a data migration, or maintaining a hybrid data stack, we can help you route your Stitch data sources to different destinations to meet your needs.

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API key management

Add new integrations and configure your Stitch account programmatically with API key management.

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Advanced scheduling

Specify granular extraction start times and configure whitelist hours with advanced scheduling.

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Post-load webhooks

Use configurable webhooks for programmatic notification of when fresh data arrives, so you can orchestrate additional steps. Connect Stitch to data integration and transformation services like Talend Cloud.

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SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance

Compliant with SOC 2 security, availability, and confidentiality principles. Contact Stitch Sales for the independent auditor's report. HIPAA-compliant solution with Business Associate Agreements (BAA).

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Beyond live chat and email, Stitch Enterprise customers enjoy higher levels of support.We offer custom service level Agreements (SLA) to fit your requirements.

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Compare plan features:

Stitch Standard Stitch Unlimited Stitch Unlimited Plus
Unlock insights with unlimited data*, users, and integrations Up to 300M rows/month
5 users, 10 sources
Load into leading cloud data warehouses 1 5 5
Structure data for leading analysis tools
Orchestrate your data pipeline to your needs
Leverage advanced connectivity and reduce transfer cost
Get the right support for your business Chat support Platinum Platinum + Global Success Management
* Customer's use in excess of 15 billion rows per month may be subject to additional fees.

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