Stitch for sales analytics

Discover new revenue opportunities by integrating data from sales and revenue platforms in minutes

Set up in minutes • Unlimited data volume during trial
Stitch for sales analyticsStitch for sales analytics

Deliver revenue insights to sales leaders

New revenue can be hard to find. But Stitch makes it easy to get the data you need to understand new opportunities, faster. Integrate data from the tools you use to drive revenue — CRM, sales automation, payments, and more — into a cloud data warehouse where you can use them for analysis.

Focus on closing, not managing data

Get the insights you need to accelerate the sales cycle. Stitch can start syncing historical data in 10 minutes and automatically syncs with new data, so you can get your data moving with nothing to manage.

Build the right programs from lead to renewal

Stitch helps you connect all your data sources for a complete view of what’s working. Integrate data from across the entire organization, including marketing, product, and customer support, to expose the strengths and opportunities in your full customer lifecycle.

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