How it works

We are proud to participate in this program, which allows HubSpot Agency Partners to receive a full-featured Stitch account at no cost so they can familiarize themselves with the product and provide demos.

The terms of the agreement are simple:

  • Sign up for Stitch by completing this form, which is a simple, self-serve process that provides immediate access to the platform.
  • Send an email to to let them know your HubSpot Partner tier status, the email you used to sign up for Stitch, and express your interest in the program.
  • We will provide a complimentary, unrestricted Basic Tier annual subscription on that account.

To maintain your access, your agency simply needs to refer and retain at least one paying client on Stitch’s software in the first year of signing up for the program.

Why your clients need Stitch

Stitch is used by over 1,000 businesses to make sure they have all their data where they want it, when they need it.

In just a few clicks, we extract data from all the leading SaaS tools and databases, including HubSpot, and load it into your client’s data warehouse for use in analytics tools and other applications.

If your client is interested in better analytics on their sales or marketing data or implementing a business intelligence tool, Stitch can provide the data pipelines that make it all work.

You can learn more on our website, documentation, and blog, or reach out to to chat with our Alliances team.

Get Started

Ready to start learning how to resell Stitch? Download our enablement resource to learn how to position, package and build services around our software.