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Create unified reports based on multiple data sources

CIO Stuart Anderton wears multiple hats for Prezola, a UK-based wedding gift list and wedding website provider. He's responsible for all technology and business information, including business intelligence (BI) software. The company consolidates its data primarily in PostgreSQL, as well as Google BigQuery, which is easier to integrate with their reporting tool, Google Data Studio.

Prezola uses a data warehouse to cross-reference data in two internal systems, one on PostgreSQL and one on MySQL. They also load in data from multiple Google Analytics accounts and their credit card provider, Stripe. "With a unified data source," Anderton says, "we can use tools like Zapier to create automations."

Businesses of all sizes use Stitch, and Prezola is among the smaller ones. "Our usage level is low, and the minimum cost of other ETL services was far too high for our scale and budgets. Often it took multiple calls to find that out though. Stitch is unusual in publishing its pricing.

"Getting Stitch set up was very quick – a matter of hours," Anderton says. And the result was worth the effort: "Before using Stitch I simply couldn't create unified reports based on multiple data sources. Now we can do that with Google Data Studio, and we output some data to Google Sheets to manipulate for other reports."

Prezola plans to add more data sources in coming months, and as they do, Anderton says, "I intend to continue to use Stitch to blend them."

Before using Stitch I simply couldn't create unified reports based on multiple data sources.

Stuart Anderton


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