Stitch Enterprise features

Image of the Stitch scheduling interface

Easy scheduling

Specify when and how often you need your data replicated — from every minute to once a day.

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Error handling

Our system will detect and report on any errors that arise in your data pipeline. We automatically resolve issues whenever possible, and notify you when your input is needed.

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Logging and monitoring

Monitor and review Stitch's replication progress with detailed Extraction Logs and Loading Reports. Use the log explorer to quickly identify and remedy any unexpected results.

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Having problems? No problem.

Beyond live chat and email Stitch Enterprise customers enjoy higher levels of support.

Image of a field that accepts a webhook url


Need to know when new data has been loaded in your destination? Use configurable webhooks for programmatic notification of when fresh data arrives, so you can orchestrate additional steps. Enterprise plan customers can connect Stitch notifications to services like Datadog, PagerDuty and Slack.

Image of a table that shows when data updated

Smart cache refreshes

Stitch adds custom columns to your data that allow you to track the recency and frequency of new records. Learn how Lovepop used these columns to speed up their Periscope Data cache.

Image of the Redshift and Snowflake logos

Multiple destinations

Whether you're supporting multiple environments, doing a data migration, or maintaining a hybrid data stack, we can help you route your Stitch data sources to different destinations to meet your needs.

An illustration of A.P.I. keys

API key management

Configure Stitch programmatically with API key management.

An illustration of advanced scheduling

Advanced scheduling

Specify granular extraction start times with advanced scheduling.

An illustration of webhooks

Post-load webhooks:

Connect Stitch to data integration and transformation services like Talend Cloud.

Illustrations by Aaron K. Kim from the Noun Project, & Freepik

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