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101–500 employees

Zeev Shteiman heads up the BI team at Israel-based Localize. The company aggregates data about every address in New York City and displays insights about the properties on users' smartphones. Users can sign up to get updates when the company discovers something new that pertains to the address.

The BI team is responsible for data collection, processing, and presentation. The data is later used by the Data Science and Business Analysis teams to further processing into business insights.

Localize first turned to Stitch when they needed a quick way to get data from Facebook Ads into Amazon Redshift. "I was still in the process of building our infrastructure and didn't have time to implement ETL," Shteiman says. "I was using Apache Airflow, but I didn't have time to write the relevant operator. I searched for Python libraries that do that and found Stitch.

"A big advantage was the fact that it was self-serve. I saw that I could easily set it up myself – I didn't need to talk to anyone – and it would be free for the small amount of data we needed. Stitch probably saved us weeks of work developing and testing these integrations.

"Since the initial setup we have used Stitch to get data from Salesforce, Google Analytics, and SendGrid. This allows us to focus on business-specific development, and this sort of agility is very important for a growing startup."

Stitch probably saved us weeks of work developing and testing these integrations.

Zeev Shteiman

Head of BI

Why Localize uses Stitch to fill its data warehouse

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