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If you live in France, you might use Trusk when you need to move something heavy from one address to another, up to and including a whole house full of furniture. Trusk connects consumers with carriers (called "truskers") who can move your things with as little as an hour's notice. Think of it as the Uber of carriers.

When they first started building an analytics stack, Trusk developed a simple monolithic API using Node.js and MongoDB. "But we had many connection with SaaS platforms, and the tools we were building were getting bloated by new code that was always threatening working code," says Trusk CTO Jonathan Asquier. "We were getting too many regressions, which broke the monolith, which resulted in the whole system being down.

"We started thinking about switching to microservices (Node.js plus a message broker). That let us accelerate the pace of development and improve the quality of the tools we built at the same time.

"However, when we tried running Metabase against our multiple PostgreSQL microservices databases, we were unable to build the dashboards we needed. We were unable to query our data properly, so we could not easily provide the data needed for our customers, investors, or the operational team. It became clear that we needed a single unified data warehouse to support our reporting and analytics.

"I went looking for a cloud solution to do the ETL from our multiple microservices databases into a single PostgreSQL data warehouse. I had read about Stitch in a case study in the Stackshare newsletter. Using Stitch to build one unified warehouse suited our needs perfectly."

Stitch has a nice UX, awesome support, and the product just works!

Jonathan Asquier


Trusk moves household goods – and PostgreSQL data

Jonathan says it took only a couple of days to go from multiple PostgreSQL databases to one.

Now Trusk is facing another challenge. "We have the same issues with our search features that we had with our metrics, which will require a unified search database to search across all the data. Sadly, Stitch has no Elasticseach integration, so we will probably build a simple PostGraphQL API on the warehouse database for now. And who knows what uses cases we will have in the future!

"Stitch has a nice UX, awesome support, and the product just works!"

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