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The ability to improve a community integration themselves

Online estate sale site EBTH sells everything but the house. It offers an online marketplace where families and individuals can sell their collections of furniture, jewelry, books, and dozens of other categories of goods.

EBTH knows web commerce, but "our data team doesn't have the capability or capacity to build a custom integration for every service we are looking to surface in our data warehouse," says CTO Bobby Uhlenbrock. EBTH exports data from sources such as Freshdesk, Google Adwords, Salesforce, and Delighted and loads them into Snowflake, and reports against the data using tools such as Looker, Tableau, and Jupyter.

Before turning to Stitch, EBTH looked at a different ETL solution, but "the sales process was convoluted, the company only offered annual agreements, and it was more expensive." By contrast, Stitch was simple and entirely self-service. "Our product manager was able to do most of the setup himself and get the integrations up and running. We ran into an issue with one service – a community integration. I was able to create a pull request and get the fix merged in 24 hours."

Our product manager was able to do most of the setup himself and get the integrations up and running.

Bobby Uhlenbrock


Retailer EBTH integrates diverse data sources for BI reporting

Stitch integrations are based on Singer, an open source standard the company developed for writing scripts that move data. Singer’s extensibility allows Stitch to connect to any data source. The Singer community develops and supports integrations that are free for anyone to use, regardless of whether they're a Stitch customer.

The upshot? "We have integrations available for reporting for the first time that would have been delayed by months if we had to write the extract flow ourselves," Uhlenbrock says, "and the error reporting and self-healing is much better than fixing a broken job in the middle of the night.

"We hope to use (and potentially help build) more integrations in the near future," he says.

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