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101–500 employees

São Paulo-based Petlove is a Brazilian online pet supply store, with goods not only for cats and dogs, but also birds, fish, reptiles, and rodents. What they don't have is a large data analytics team. Business Intelligence Analyst Alexandre Bonal Rayes, a DevOps specialist, and an intern are the only staffers responsible for replicating data from sources like Google Analytics to the company's Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

"Before I was hired, pretty much everyone from the Marketing team was using Google Analytics to extract daily reports. However, Google Analytics has many limitations, such as the number of columns and rows for each report, which forced the team members to run the same report over and over again to cover all the daily data," Rayes says. It was up to him to find a better way to create reports. To do that, he needed to get the GA data loaded into Redshift – and for that he turned to Stitch.

"It's just so easy to use," Rayes says. "It works perfectly."

Now employees are generating reports from the GA data using Tableau, which Rayes says is "a very powerful tool, not only for data visualization, but also for data analysis. However, Tableau is very expensive too, so we're considering using other tools that are cheaper, such as Amazon Quicksight."

It's just so easy to use. It works perfectly.

Alexandre Bonal Rayes

Business Intelligence Analyst

Petlove data analytics: through Stitch to Redshift to Tableau

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