Company size

21-100 employees

Nexar is on a mission to build a vision-based safe-driving network. The company makes dash cams that pair with a smartphone app. The mobile devices that run the app join to form a network that uses artificial intelligence to detect road hazards. Nexar can then send alerts to other nearby app users.

But driving data isn't the only data Nexar analyzes — it uses business intelligence tools for operations, growth, and marketing purposes as well. Nexar Data Engineer Avri Naamani says the company needed one simple tool to extract data from diverse sources such as Shopify, Mixpanel, and Postgres and load it all to one data warehouse. After evaluating the leading SaaS ETL platforms, considering features, number of connectors, and cost, Nexar chose Stitch.

Setting up its first integration was simple. "It took us literally couple of minutes to integrate with Shopify," Naamani says. "It would have taken days to manually write code to extract data from the Shopify API and load it into our data warehouse."

Naamani says he's impressed with Stitch's simplicity and how easy it is to create a new integration.

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