Company size

21-100 employees

HousingAnywhere is a rental accommodation platform for young professionals and international students with more than 50,000 active advertisements and more than 8 million users in over 60 countries. The rental platform allows tenants to interact directly with landlords and enter into medium- and long-term rental agreements. HousingAnywhere offers direct API integrations and a dedicated payment system to manage rent transfers through the tenancy.

The Rotterdam-based company works with data from several SaaS platforms, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, HubSpot, and Mixpanel, as well as Postgres databases. "We needed an easy and flexible (pay as you grow) tool to aggregate all our data sources in the same place — a Snowflake data warehouse — and we didn't have the experience to build it in house at that time," says HousingAnywhere Data Scientist Massimo Belloni.

The company looked at a couple of SaaS ETL platforms. All the alternatives either had a steep learning curve or were too expensive. Stitch, on the other hand, "was really quick to set up, and since the price is based on row volume, that allowed us to replicate all our data sources."

Belloni says that Stitch's "ease of use and smart pricing" have made his organization a happy customer.

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