Product and documentation updates about the Google Analytics integration from the team at Stitch.

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New feature: Integration changelogs

Introducing: Integration changelogs!

Check out the history of our integrations and stay in the loop on updates with dedicated changelogs for these integrations:

We’ll add changelogs for other popular integrations and destinations in the weeks to come. If there’s a specific integration you’d like to see us work on, let us know by creating an issue in the Stitch Docs GitHub repo.

Google Analytics (v1) update: Lifetime Value and Cohorts documentation

Stitch Support has determined that Lifetime Value and Cohorts aren’t currently supported for integrations, despite being available fields in Stitch. We’ve updated our documentation to reflect this and will address this issue in the app shortly.

Google Analytics (v1) integration leaving open beta

Our integration has left open beta and is now generally available! Check out the docs for more info.

Google Analytics (v1) integrations: Use accountSummaries: list to fetch profiles

integrations will now use accountSummaries to fetch profiles available for the user authorizing the integration. We’ve made this change to reduce the number of queries Stitch makes to and overall API quota usage.

Google Analytics (v1) integrations: Reduced retry aggressiveness

We’ve improved the retry logic for to make retries less aggressive, ideally reduceing the consumption of daily API quotas.

Google Analytics (v1) integrations: Non-retryable error messages now in Extraction Logs

Error messages from HTTP 4xx codes that aren’t retryable will now include details from detailing what the issue is. Previously, these messages weren’t included in Extraction Logs, leading to confusion about the issue causing the error.

Google Analytics (v1) update: Improved handling of retryable errors

We’ve updated the retry logic for our integration to include HTTP codes 403 and 429. In the event that Stitch receives these responses from , the integration will exponentially back off and retry.

Google Analytics (v1) update: Improved parsing of datetimes

Previously, fields in the Time group could cause errors during Extraction, as they were returned from Google’s API using a non-ISO format.

These fields are now parsed as datetime and converted to ISO-8601 (UTC) during Extraction.

Google Analytics (v1) update: Remove searchKeyword as default Behavior Overview field

As searchKeyword isn’t data that collects by default, we’ve removed it from the default fields selected for replication for the Behavior Overview report. This field will still be available in Stitch, just not selected by default.

Google Analytics (v1) update: Pre-made reports now available

We’ve added a handful of pre-made reports to our our (v) integration:

  • Audience Overview: Audience metrics including page views, users, bounce rate and more
  • Audience Geo Location: A breakdown of your audience by geographical location
  • Audience Technology: The browsers, operating systems, and devices your users employ
  • Acquisitions Overview: The performance of your users across traffic sources and mediums
  • Behavior Overview: Pages visited and actions performed on your website
  • Ecommerce Overview: A breakdown of your transactions by traffic source

These reports will display as tables available for selection in the Tables to Replicate tab of all (v) integrations. Check out this easy way to get started with data!

New version (v1) of Google Analytics integration in open beta!

A new version (v) of our integration is now in open beta!

We’ve worked hard to ensure this new integration is the best way to extract data from to your Stitch destination. The new integration, based on the Singer standard, includes many new features such as:

Get started today by creating a new integration or learn more in the updated documentation.

Lots of integrations leaving beta

Like baby birds leaving the nest, baby bears leaving their dens, or baby platipi leaving… whereever it is that platypi live… so too have many of our integrations recently left open beta.

Here’s the list:

Google Analytics (v14-09-2016) integrations: New default Replication Frequency

The default Replication Frequency for integrations is now 6 hours. Want to replicate your data at a faster rate? Learn more in our docs.

New integration bonanza!

Lots of integration related news today. Ready? Here we go:

Get out there and start moving some data.