Table Selection for Mixpanel, Netsuite, and Zuora

Last week, we announced Table Selection for our Salesforce and Facebook Ads integrations. Now, we’re pleased to introduce the same functionality for our Mixpanel, Netsuite, and Zuora integrations.

Stitch continues to be the only self-serve data pipeline platform in the market that allows this type of flexibility. Now you can select the exact tables you want to sync to Amazon Redshift for these data sources. No more unwanted data; no more running up against API limits.

Our approach

For Stitch, transparency and control are paramount. Over the last few weeks, our product team has received a ton of feedback from our customers around how best to continue to deliver on those fronts.

We consistently hear how beneficial it is that our database integrations provide the ability to select which fields and tables sync into your data warehouse. We’ve extended this degree of control and flexibility to data being synced via Mixpanel, Netsuite, and Zuora.

Getting started

When you log in and click on your Mixpanel, Netsuite, or Zuora integration, you’ll be prompted with a message about enabling table replication. After enabling, you’ll get to choose which tables you want sync into your data warehouse.

Table selection in Zuora

Also, be sure to take advantage of our search bar at the top left of the UI. From here, you can can find and sync tables in a matter of seconds.

If you’ve been meaning to connect a Mixpanel, Netsuite, or Zuora integration to Stitch, there’s no better time than now. Connecting a SaaS app is almost as easy as logging into the service itself. In Stitch, click “Add an Integration,” then click the integration icon, and then “Authenticate.” After you enter your credentials, allow Stitch to access your data. You’re all set!

Be sure to check out our documentation for Mixpanel, Netsuite, and Zuora.

Moving forward

If your team needs Table Selection for a SaaS integration not mentioned here, let us know.