Stitch supports Square

Square is the payment platform of choice for millions of companies all around the world. In Q1 of 2016, sellers using Square processed $10.3 billion in payments. That’s a lot of data. Luckily, with the new release of our Square integration, Stitch customers can take full ownership of the raw purchase data that lives in the Square platform.

Going beyond Square Analytics

Square’s reporting functionality, Square Analytics, provides small businesses with the basic metrics every business needs–sales trends, customer purchase history, and product information. It also comes armed with some neat features that allow Square users to:

  • Send data summaries via email that come complete with spreadsheets

  • Connect with retailers’ accounting software, such as Xero and Quickbooks

Square dashboard

This functionality gives small businesses powerful insights into their business, but as a business grows, so too does its appetite for data. When using almost any SaaS tool, companies run into two data problems:

  1. Built-in analytics limit flexibility: Square’s standard reports are great for small businesses, but analysts and data scientists need the analytic capabilities of more robust tools.

  2. Inability to join data sources from other business departments: While you can connect your accounting software to Square, data from those two source don’t tell the whole story. You need to incorporate the data about your campaigns, customer behavior, customer support, and more to unearth the most valuable insights.

You can avoid these problems, however, if you have access to the raw Square data from a centralized data warehouse. You can do this yourself by writing to the Square API, but you’ll be responsible for loading the data and maintaining the API integration. With Stitch you can sync your Square data with Amazon Redshift in minutes.

The benefits

The Square integration gives you access to all of Stitch’s powerful features:

  • Historical data is synced

  • Data is audited at every stage of the process

  • Data types and structures are automatically detected

  • If the connection gets interrupted for any reason, you’ll receive proactive error alerts

The Square integration is available on our free tier, which means you can sync up to 5 million rows a month at no charge. The integration includes the following endpoints:

Endpoints table

By bringing your Square data into Amazon Redshift, you unlock deep analyses that provide critical insight into the health of your business. Start getting answers to questions like

  • How do I predict customers with the highest lifetime value?

  • What are my businesses core KPIs?

  • How is my churn rate trending?

  • Which acquisition source is providing the highest CLV?

Analytics graph

Get started

Connecting your data is as easy as logging into Square. In Stitch, click “Add an Integration,” then click the integration icon, and then “Authenticate.” After you enter your credentials, allow Stitch to access your data, and you’re all set!

Stitch will start syncing all of your raw data into Amazon Redshift, a performant data warehouse, where you can then combine it with other data sources, layer on top the BI or SQL query tool of your choice, and visualize the entirety of your data set.

If you’re a Square customer, get your Square data into Redshift now. We plan to continue releasing integrations aggressively, so stay tuned. And, if we don’t support a data source you need synced to Redshift, let us know.