Stitch partners with Panoply and Chartio to offer Automatic Cloud Data Stack

We’re happy to announce a partnership with Panoply and Chartio to debut the world’s first Automatic Cloud Data Stack — a suite of tools that enables data analysts and business users to connect to disparate cloud applications and databases and gain business insight by visualizing their data. The stack includes Panoply’s self-optimizing petabyte-scale data warehouse, Stitch’s self-serve ETL pipeline, and Chartio’s business intelligence platform, all accessible in an integrated environment for an optimal customer experience.

The new offering lets users entering the Chartio self-service business intelligence platform choose their data sources and move on to powerful dashboards with just a few clicks. Data flows from the Stitch-powered ETL process into Panoply’s Smart Data Warehouse and thence to the Chartio cloud analytics solution seamlessly behind the scenes. Implementing the Automatic Cloud Data Stack eliminates the need for lengthy warehouse setup and configuration. The combined offering does away with the need for coding to integrate disparate data sources, perform ad hoc queries, and create interactive charts and dashboards.

The Automatic Cloud Data Stack frees business users and data analysts from IT shackles:

  • Zero management — There’s no need to wait for data engineers and developers to deliver data. The joint platform enables users to extract, transform, and load data with a click of a button and make it available to Chartio’s analytics interface.

  • Full flexibility — The platform can be extended and modified easily with a large ecosystem of compatible data tools to select from.

  • Universal data support — The platform supports structured and semistructured data, and automatically converts JSON, XML, and data from MongoDB and other NoSQL databases into columnar form in a structured database.

  • No coding required — Using Chartio’s drag-and-drop interface, users can create ad hoc queries and custom interactive dashboards. Chartio creates native SQL queries based on the database used in the back end and uses machine learning to choose the best chart type for each query.

  • Speaks SQL — Every part of the joint platform speaks SQL. Anyone who can write SQL can manipulate data — no programming needed.

  • Faster queries — Panoply machine learning algorithms detect slow queries and improve performance through data caching.

  • Full elasticity — The joint platform is based on a serverless infrastructure, allowing it to autoscale, distribute workloads and perform seamless storage and performance optimizations, including metadata and query executions.

  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security — The platform incorporates secure multistep authentication and access control, and industrial-grade encryption for data both in flight and on disk. It employs Panoply’s strict privacy and security measures, and offers compliance with GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA regulations.

Visit the Automatic Cloud Data Stack website for more information.