Stitches donated over $20,000 to charity in 2016

At Stitch, we believe that it’s important to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. However, the way that most companies do charity, with a cause chosen by company management, doesn’t feel like a fit for us.

We don’t want to make a top-down decision about which charity our employees or our shareholders should support. Our mission as a company is to inspire and empower data-driven people, and our charitable goal is to inspire and empower data-driven giving.

That’s why we structured our charity drive as a recipient-agnostic donate-a-thon. This is a tradition that we started when we were part of RJMetrics, and I’m really glad that we could continue it at Stitch.

Members of our team choose whichever charities they think are most worthwhile, donate, submit anonymous data on their donations, and then we celebrate our collective impact as a group.

We ran our charity drive from Giving Tuesday (November 29) through New Year's, but any donation from 2016 was eligible to be counted. Here’s a summary of what we accomplished:

  • 45 donations (1.9 donations per Stitch)

  • 75 donated hours

  • 30 donations of goods (e.g. food or clothes)

  • $21,806.75 in cash donations (over $900 per Stitch), with the largest recipient being GiveDirectly

GiveDirectly embodies our company values: They are evidence-driven, transparent, intellectually honest, and focused on doing the right thing. Their launch of GDLive, which displays a realtime stream of unfiltered feedback from recipients, is the latest example. Even though the charity drive for 2016 is over, now is still a good time to join us and make a donation.

I’m incredibly proud of our team, and I can’t wait to blow these numbers out of the water next year.