Stitch brand evolution

Stitch joined Talend in November 2018, and we've grown a lot since then, with new enterprise features, new integrations, and new team members. That growth will continue in 2020, and you'll notice a few additional changes.

We're building closer integration with the rest of Talend. As a first step, our website and application are taking on a Talend-branded look. (If you managed to get your hands on black and yellow Stitch socks or T-shirts, take good care of them — they're now collectors' items.) We're also starting to refer to our product as Stitch Data Loader, to align with the naming convention of the other products in that make up Talend Data Fabric.

Our new look

Our focus for the Stitch product remains the same, and we're maintaining our commitment to and sponsorship of the open source Singer project. In addition, 2020 will bring exciting updates that will help Stitch customers leverage the power of Talend, and give Talend customers the fast, easy data ingestion experience that Stitch customers know and love. The whole Talend team understands what makes Stitch special, and we're all dedicated to providing the best possible experience to our customers.

So what can customers expect? The same transparently priced, easy-to-use ETL experience, plus new capabilities that will enhance the power of Stitch for data teams worldwide.