Spotluck eliminates custom Python scripts and replicates MongoDB data to Redshift with Stitch

Spotluck is an on-demand app for discovering local restaurants. Its users enjoy a gamified approach to choosing restaurants, and save money with fluctuating discounts. Spotluck’s restaurant partners get exposure to new guests, customizable solutions for communicating with users, and actionable data to better understand their businesses.

The need for Stitch

Creating and maintaining custom ETL scripts is complex and time-consuming, especially when your primary data source is MongoDB. After it launched in Philadelphia, its second major metropolitan area outside of DC, Spotluck’s data volume expanded rapidly. The team quickly realized that maintaining a data warehouse to power business intelligence and strategic decision making was no longer optional.

Spotluck turned to Stitch to address its two main data needs:

  1. Internal analysis: Make business data easily accessible by all teams without impacting the workload of the engineering team.

  2. Restaurant partners: Update the dynamic reporting provided to partners in near real time, enabling restaurants to act on their data at a moment’s notice.

The results

Using Stitch, Spotluck was up and running with its first reports in less than a day. By automating the ETL process in a way that scales, Spotluck has used Stitch to free up its engineers’ time, grow its business, and strengthen its relationships with restaurant partners.

Now Spotluck has the ability to answer questions in real time, something its staff was never able to do before.

“Stitch is perfect for us. It’s simple, and that is exactly what we needed.” — Srivathsan Komandur, software engineer

Check out the full case study on replacing custom Python ETL scripts for MongoDB , and sign up now to eliminate your company’s ETL hassles.