Announcing Stitch Community integrations

Today we’re excited to announce the addition of community-supported integrations, built as Singer taps, to be run in Stitch. Thanks to the success of the Singer open source project and the contributions of the Singer community, we’re able to run these integrations on the Stitch infrastructure while they’re being supported by the community rather than the Stitch team.

We launched the Singer project in March of this year to enable anyone to move data easily from any source to any destination with simple, composable, open source ETL. Since then, both Singer and the community of developers that are using it have grown tremendously.

We’ve released more than a dozen Singer taps so far, including ones for MySQL, Facebook Ads, and Salesforce. Hundreds of businesses use them within Stitch, and they’re available for open source use through the Singer project. We’re continuing to build and release new taps, and we host an active Slack community where our team and other Singer developers and enthusiasts collaborate.

In addition to the taps we’ve written, Singer community members have built several dozen taps, some of which are used by our customers within Stitch.

To provide transparency and an easier path for adding community-built Singer integrations to Stitch, we’re introducing Stitch Community integrations — integrations that are built by the community, supported by the community, and available for all Stitch users. Like Stitch Certified integrations, Stitch Community integrations offer a number of benefits:

  • Running at scale on a reliable infrastructure

  • Secure credential management

  • Setup and configuration via the Stitch interface

  • Configurable scheduling

  • Automated notifications when something goes wrong

  • Log exploration interface

  • Access to all of the Stitch-supported destinations

The key difference is that Stitch provides commercial support for Certified integrations, but not for Community integrations. Commercial support is a guarantee that the Stitch team will fix bugs and adapt to new versions of third-party APIs.

Maintenance of Community integrations will be done by, as the name suggests, the Singer community. To facilitate this, we’ve hired an open source engineer whose chief role is to support the Singer community and help maintain Community integrations. Commercial support contracts are also available for all Community integrations.

We may promote popular Community integrations to Certified integrations over time, at which point they would become commercially supported for all users.

The first batch

Here’s the first batch of Stitch Community integrations. Some of these were available in Stitch already, and in celebration of the launch we’re releasing a few brand-new integrations. All of these can be set up in Stitch today.

  • AppsFlyer (new!)

  • Autopilot

  • Braintree

  • Codat (new!)

  • Freshdesk

  • GitLab

  • Harvest

  • Klaviyo (new!)

  • Outbrain

  • Referral SaaSquatch

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (new!)

  • Selligent (new!)

  • Shippo

  • Taboola

  • Urban Airship

  • Zendesk Chat

We’re excited to continue to foster the Singer community and to make these new taps available in Stitch. Try a Stitch Community integration today!