Stitch Connect is a toolkit that enables users to programmatically manage their Stitch accounts, or for organizations to build data integrations into their own platforms without coding them themselves.

The toolkit comprises a JavaScript user interface and an API that enables developers to programmatically provision and access Stitch accounts, configure destination connections, create and modify data sources, and select streams and fields for replication.

  • Connect API

    Programmatically manage your Stitch account or integrate Stitch with other applications.

  • Connect JavaScript Client

    Send users to Stitch to complete data source configuration workflows.

Getting access

To use the Connect API, you’ll need an API access token. This is necessary for authenticating to the API. Refer to the Authentication reference for more info.

To learn more about using the Connect JavaScript Client, check out the JavaScript Reference. Note: This feature has been deprecated and shouldn’t be built against for production use.

Learning and using Stitch Connect

Ready to get started? Check out the tutorials and resources to learn more.