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Manage your Kafka data with Talend

Learn how to get the most out of your Kafka data with Talend's suite of data integration tools.

Easily extract and transform Kafka data

Join Kafka and other critical business data in Talend for a holistic view of your organization.

Why Talend

Whether you are on-prem, on-cloud, or somewhere in between, Talend can help you ETL, ELT, clean, govern, transform, and integrate your Kafka data.

Talend and Kafka

Streaming data processing and analytics is becoming increasingly important in a world where real-time decision-making is critical to staying competitive in nearly every industry. Using Talend, you can utilize Apache Kafka to make real-time decision-making an essential part of the culture of your company:

  1. Create new and connect to existing Kafka topics
  2. Transform and integrate your Kafka streaming data
  3. Enrich real-time data with data from other applications or databases
Talend Cloud
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Talend Data Fabric is the only cloud-native tool that bundles data integration, data integrity, and data governance in a single integrated platform, so you can do more with your Kafka data and ensure its accuracy using applications that include:

Connecting to Kafka

To collect data from Kafka, use our out-of-the-box connectors to harness streaming data. With Talend’s Kafka components, you are able to create a Kafka topic, collect data from existing queues, and publish messages into Kafka system.

More about integrating Kafka data

Talend has detailed documentation on how to ETL your Kafka data for a better view of the business.

Work with your Kafka data

Analyzing a Twitter flow in real-time Create a Spark Streaming Job to analyze which hashtags are most used by Twitter users when they mention ‘Paris’ in their Tweets over the previous 20 seconds. Analyze Twitter feeds in real time >

From Kafka to your data warehouse

ETL your Kafka data to the destination of your choice:

Get more from your Kafka data

Deliver data your organization can trust. Get started today.

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