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Learn how to get the most out of your IBM Db2 Database data with Talend's suite of data integration tools.

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Join IBM Db2 Database and other critical business data in Talend for a holistic view of your organization.

Why Talend

Whether you are on-prem, on-cloud, or somewhere in between, Talend can help you ETL, ELT, clean, govern, transform, and integrate your IBM Db2 Database data.

Talend Data Fabric lets you integrate IBM Db2 Database data and ensure that it — and all your company data — is clean, compliant, and broadly available. With integration tools Talend Studio and Talend Pipeline Designer, you can construct data pipelines using a drag-and-drop visual interface to extract data from IBM Db2 Database plus hundreds of other data sources. You can run transformations in the pipeline using hundreds of bundled components. And you can replicate your data to virtually any destination, including cloud data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, and Delta Lake on Databricks; on-premises databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and others via JDBC; and data warehouse appliances such as SAP HANA.

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Talend Data Fabric is the only cloud-native tool that bundles data integration, data integrity, and data governance in a single integrated platform, so you can do more with your IBM Db2 Database data and ensure its accuracy using applications that include:

Connecting to IBM Db2 Database

To connect to a Db2 Database, use the tDB2Connection component. Choose a property type (built-in or repository) and additional details such as the host, port, database, schema, and username and password.

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More about integrating IBM Db2 Database data

Talend has detailed documentation on how to ETL your IBM Db2 Database data for a better view of the business.

From IBM Db2 Database to your data warehouse

ETL your IBM Db2 Database data to the destination of your choice:

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