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Amazon PostgreSQL RDS Connect and replicate data from your Amazon RDS database using Stitch’s RDS integration.
Database Integration Connection Errors Stitch periodically performs checks on the connection to your database to ensure the connection remains active and healthy. In this article are some of the m…
Google CloudSQL PostgreSQL
Google CloudSQL PostgreSQL (v1.0) Connect and replicate data from your Google CloudSQL PostgreSQL database using Stitch’s Google CloudSQL PostgreSQL integration.
Heroku PostgreSQL
Missing Mongo Data & Fields with Multiple Data Types Missing some Mongo data? The root cause may be multiple data types in the Replication Key field and how Mongo sorts data based on data type.
Mongo Fields Missing from Replication Key Menu If you don’t see all the fields you expect to in the Replication Key field for you Mongo integration, the root cause may be insufficient permissions or a lac…
MySQL Extraction Errors When Stitch replicates data from a MySQL-backed database, it will check for the required user permissions and database server settings. If permissions or ser…
MySQL TINYINT(1)/boolean Columns Stored as BIT If you’ve noticed that some MySQL TINYINT(1) columns are displaying as BIT in Stitch, it’s usually due to how the MySQL driver converts this data type.
Oracle Extraction Errors When Stitch replicates data from a Oracle-backed database TODO
PostgreSQL Data Types Stored as Strings When certain Postgres data types are replicated, they’ll be stored as strings in your data warehouse.