For mission-critical applications, Stitch offers the Enterprise plan. Stitch Enterprise plans can include the features listed below, along with custom integrations and row volumes, priority support, and more.

Feature list

The features listed below are available during the free trial or for customers on an Enterprise plan. Unless noted, all features are available during the free trial.

Note: After the free trial ends, access to these features will be revoked.

Stitch API access

With the Stitch API, you can programmatically control your Stitch account. This enables you to quickly create and configure integrations, select tables and columns for replication, connect Stitch with an external scheduler, and more.

Advanced connectivity

Aside from SSL and SSH, additional connection options such as reverse SSH, VPN, and Amazon Web Services Private Link, are available as part of an Enterprise plan.

Multiple destinations

Configure Stitch to route different data sources to different destinations based on your needs. Contact Stitch Sales for more info.

Note: This feature isn't available during the free trial.
Extend notifications

Using the Custom notification list feature, extend Stitch’s email notifications to external services like PagerDuty, Datadog, and Slack.

HIPAA-compliant notifications

Suppress plain-text error messages in email notifications as part of making your Stitch account HIPAA-compliant.

Post-load webhooks

Automate your post-load processing functions using the Post-load webhooks notification feature. With Post-load notifications, you can configure a webhook to fire each time Stitch loads data into your destination.

Google Analytics 360 (v1)

Replicate data from Google Analytics 360 using Stitch’s Google Analytics 360 integration.

Oracle (v1)

Connect and replicate data from your Oracle database using Stitch’s Oracle integration. This is applicable to any Oracle-based database, including Amazon Oracle RDS.

Workday RaaS (v1)

Replicate data from multiple, configurable Workday RaaS reports using Stitch’s Workday RaaS integration.

Advanced Replication Scheduling Using Cron Expressions

The Advanced Scheduler feature allows you to specify granular start times for data extraction. Using cron expressions, you can specify the exact times, days of the week, or even days of the month data extraction should begin.

Extended Extraction Log retention

Extraction logs provide detail about the extraction portion of the replication process for a given integration. Stitch Enterprise gives you access to 60 days of Extraction Logs.

Extended Loading Report retention

Loading reports provide detail about the loading portion of the replication process for a given integration. Stitch Enterprise gives you access to 60 days of Loading Reports.

Compare all plans

To compare all of Stitch’s plans, refer to our pricing page.

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