Company size

21-100 employees

AuptiX is a business-to-business freight broker that uses sophisticated algorithms and logistics automation to provide lower prices, better service, and reduced risk of damage for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. Like many companies, AuptiX needs data analytics and reporting across multiple internal data sources as well as various SaaS/cloud applications.

When the company first set up a basic data analytics stack, it used Amazon Redshift, Stitch's built-in integrations, and Redash for simple reporting. Vice President of Engineering Lu Saenz says, "I did this myself in just a few days.

"Over time we made improvements to the data stack. We hired a consultant to implement a custom Singer tap to support integration of a custom Quick Base application and added Mode Analytics to our BI toolset. We run most of our company dashboards on this infrastructure – it's mission-critical. Looking ahead, we're evaluating Sigma Computing to support ad-hoc analytics by business users without SQL coding. We also plan to add additional data source integrations to our data warehouse."

Along the way, Saenz worked with several members of the Stitch team that he wanted to recognize. "John Miller and Christopher Merrick set us up with a custom solution for Google Cloud SQL authorization using SSL certificates. Nick McCoy did QA, bug fixing, and final deployment of our custom Singer tap; that was a great experience. And Dylan Sprayberry on the Support team has been super responsive, very helpful."

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