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TechCrunch describes Roman Health as "a cloud pharmacy for erectile dysfunction." Sami Yabroudi is Head of Data for the company. He says, "Analytics has been core to the company since day one. Every single person at the company uses our main BI tool, and we need all of our third-party data centrally available within this tool in a non-siloed way. This means pulling data from third-party sources like Mixpanel, Zendesk, and Stripe into our Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

"We wanted a way to sync all of the data with little to no work. We evaluated a bunch of ETL tools and chose Stitch because it did what we needed at the lowest cost.

"Using Stitch saved us close to two weeks of setup time, and shaves hours off of weekly maintenance. Now all the data from orders to event funnels to medical and more is available in one central location, and all of the data models are tightly connected to each other.”

Stitch did what we needed at the lowest cost.

Sami Yabroudi

Head of Data

Stitch fills the prescription for this cloud pharmacy

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