Company size

21-100 employees

vacavaliente had a business problem. Its ERP system was not analytics-friendly. Business Intelligence Manager Juan Moran says, "Extracting our sales data required lots of manual processes that took lots of time. We needed to extract, transform, and load data into an analytics database in real time, or in no more than a few hours using a batch process."

The Argentina-based company creates recycled leather products as accessories and home decor. "As a startup, we needed an affordable but scalable tool – and we needed it quick. Fortunately, our tech consultant knew Stitch. We found it simple to use, cheap, and self-paced. I worked with a third-party tech consultant to build a new analytics architecture. The whole process took one month end-to-end. Migrating data with Stitch took around one week.

"Today we're at least 100% more efficient when it comes to processing data. We're becoming data-driven. We can now look at real-time sales info. Next, we want to implement more advanced CRM and MRP softwares, and we have Stitch in mind for extracting data from those systems into our Google BigQuery data warehouse so we can use Google Data Studio for analytics and reporting.

"I've been impressed by both the simplicity of Stitch and its super-competitive prices. We're a medium-size business and our data volume is low, but Stitch has shown interest on us. Even though we probably are a small client for them, they've always been in touch."

I've been impressed by both the simplicity of Stitch and its super-competitive prices.

Juan Moran

Business Intelligence Manager

Stitch drives new analytics architecture at vacavaliente

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