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Splash Math makes K-5 math learning fun and personalized for every child. Splash Math is available on both desktop and mobile platforms and has been used by more than 30 million students worldwide.

All of those students generate a lot of data, and the company had even more data from platforms the company uses to promote the program. Senior Marketing Analyst Karan Chaudhary and his team, which includes two data analysts, needed to get data from Google Analytics and several advertising platforms into an Amazon Redshift data warehouse, which they use as a source for Looker reports.

Chaudhary says, "We used to build reports manually by pulling before-signup data from Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and other channels and after-signup data from our server. Stitch allows us to directly send our data to Redshift. We use Looker to join both our back-end server data and the SaaS data from Stitch to create reports and dashboards. It saves us time — if we had to extract data manually from all of our SaaS sources I think it would take 3 to 4 hours daily.

"Stitch made it easy to integrate the data sources and get data in our database. Selecting Google Ads and the other integrations took just a couple of minutes."

Stitch didn't support all of the integrations Splash Math used, however. "There's no integration for Drift — but Stitch gives us a Zapier integration, and we used that to extract Drift data from a third-party source to our database."

Chaudhary says using Stitch frees up his team to do more valuable work. "To build ETL in-house using vendor APIs would take two employees two days of work — then whenever the API version would change in the future, we would have to do the same exercise."

Another feature Chaudhary appreciates is the "seven days of free historical data extraction whenever we add a new integration. This allows us to test an integration and get a better understanding of a new table's data structure."

Chaudhary complimented Stitch's Support team: "Matt answered our questions and helped us during the testing phase. He enabled the beta version of Stitch's Bing Ads integration for us and guided me to a Singer Slack channel for the Bing tap."

Overall, "We've found Stitch easy to use. The interface is simple and easy to understand. The cost is reasonable, and I appreciate the transparency of the billing info you provide. We're teaming with Stitch for the long run. Thanks for making our analysts' lives easy when it comes to data handling!"

Stitch made it easy to integrate the data sources and get data in our database. Selecting Google Ads and the other integrations took just a couple of minutes.

Karan Chaudhary

Senior Marketing Analyst

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