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PowerChord is a digital marketing agency that streamlines the online shopping experience for dealer networks and their consumers. It aims to improve local customer engagement, awareness, and brand strategy through custom local dealer websites, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and a user-friendly content management system.

In addition to all that, says Cesar Gonzalez, lead API developer for PowerChord, "Our company is building a new analytics/dashboard system for our customers. To power the system, we have to move data from various sources, such as Google Analytics and PostgreSQL, into BigQuery. To do that, we had to write our own import/export scripts, and be careful about which type of data store to use. That was taking too much time, so we went looking for a tool that could do ETL for us. Stitch was the easiest tool we found to make those connections, and completely hands-off – once it's connected, it just works.

"We are also open-source supporters and appreciate that Stitch works with the Singer community to build a better service.

"We expect our customers will be happy when we roll out their new features this year," Gonzalez says. "Thanks to Stitch the timeline for that has shrunk significantly."

Stitch was the easiest tool we found ... and completely hands-off – once it's connected, it just works.

Cesar Gonzalez

Lead API Developer

PowerChord relies on Stitch for data for new analytics dashboard

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