Company size

21-100 employees

Postman is a powerful collaborative testing and development suite that can be used to explore, test, and build APIs. Whether using the Postman app or the Pro collaboration product, developers can integrate Postman into their workflow and build APIs in ways that work best for them.

Build or buy?

Postman was generating increasing amounts of data from third-party sources such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and Stripe. With no way to cross-analyze that data or add insights from their internal systems, Postman was missing out on the actionable analysis they needed to make smart, strategic decisions. Their need for a data pipeline was too big to ignore, but like many companies, they were unsure whether it made sense to build it internally.

Postman's engineering team began by configuring and connecting tools like Elasticsearch and Kibana, but it became obvious that they would need to invest a lot more time and energy if they wanted to create a fully functioning data pipeline. That would have meant sacrificing investments in improving their own product, which made the decision to buy rather than build a simple one.

Why Stitch?

Postman began evaluating data consolidation, storage, and visualization tools to add to their analytics stack.

As co-founder and CTO Ankit Sobti became more familiar with Stitch he came to appreciate its flexibility, performance, and reliability. "It was easy to set up and even easier to maintain. I started sleeping better at night knowing that the data my company was generating was safely making its way to our warehouse."

The best part of Stitch was that I could set it up and see the benefits on my own. It's a product that doesn’t need an explanation. When you’re building an entire tech stack and are stuck trialing and demoing a ton of tools, it's a big deal when you see something that just works.

Ankit Sobti

Co-founder and CTO, Postman

Why Postman outsources their ETL

The result

With Stitch, Postman is able to take back control of their data from their SaaS tools and add it to their own application data to derive deeper insights. Ankit values the new relationship that Stitch created with these sources. "Stitch allows me to think about third-party systems as integral parts of our platform. The data is structured in our warehouse the same way that we structure data from our own systems, and now we have a single view for every customer."

With the ability to drill down to the individual customer level, Postman can better understand both behavior and performance. They're using that knowledge to proactively manage relationships, better support their users, and encourage positive interaction with their platform.


Having the level of visibility that Stitch provides has transformed the way we look at data.

Ankit Sobti

Co-founder and CTO, Postman


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